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COACHING PATHWAY : Generative Coaching

Generative Coaching Certification Program with Robert Dilts & Stephen Gilligan

robert-dilts-institut-repere-pnlCoaching is the process of helping another person to perform at the peak of his or her abilities. It involves drawing out that person's strengths, helping the person to overcome internal resistances and interferences, and facilitating him or her to function as a part of a team. The term "coach" comes from the older French word coche, which meant "a wagon or carriage". In fact, the word still carries this meaning today. Thus, the process of coaching is about moving a person or group from some present state to a desired state. Historically, coaching has been typically focused toward achieving improvement with respect to a specific behavioral performance. Generative coaching, however, involves helping people evolve at an identity level and achieve outcomes that are completely new.

Generative Coaching Certification Program with R. Dilts & S. Gilligan


stephen-Gilligan-Institut-repereTraditional coaching tends to organize around first- and second-order change, not really requiring radical shifts in consciousness or identity.  Generative coaching focuses on second- and especially third-order (identity) transformation.  "Generative" means to create a result (in identity, systemic organization, behavioral pattern, internal consciousness, cultural or corporate creation) that has never existed before in the world.  Generative coaching is working with clients to be able to realize this power.

Generative coaching is especially interested in a client's (1) highest values, goals, and callings;  (2) passions, resources, energetic connections (friends, foes, communities, gifts); and (3) non-rational crises that seem to threaten identity (symptoms, breakdowns, etc.)
Generative coaching seeks to create the specific conditions of higher consciousness (somatic, cognitive, and field) that can utilize all of the above to generate radical new realities. The practical process of how to do this is the focus of this course.


Coachs and RH professional


The program will combine tools of Third Generation NLP and Stephen Gilligan's Generative Self to help people reach their deepest potential including:

o Developing the ability to accept and hold faults, in ourselves and others, without judgment.
o Learning to recognize and create a space for potential without expectation.
o Deepening and aligning levels of connection with ourselves and others
o Expanding awareness of "fourth position" and the "field"
o Establishing practices for remaining grounded and present in the face of uncertainty, vulnerability and difficult feelings

Generative coaching is the process of applying principles of generative change to help guide ourselves and others to a desired state. Generative coaching is essentially about being an awakener. Awakening others involves supporting them to grow at the level of vision, mission and spirit. An awakener supports another person by providing contexts and experiences which bring out the best of that person's understanding and awareness of purpose, self, and his or her role within the larger systems of which he or she is a part. It is obvious that it is not possible to awaken others if you yourself are still asleep.  So the first task of the awakener is to wake up and stay awake. An awakener "awakens" others through his or her own integrity and congruence. 

Module 1 with Robert Dilts and Stephen Gilligan

In Module 1 we will establish how Generative Coaching differs from traditional coaching methods and explore how to create the conditions that support generative change through the four stages of generative coaching : 1)    Preparation, 2)   Shifting State, 3)    Transformation, and 4)    Integration into Ordinary Reality. Participants will also learn strategies for helping themselves and others be more centered, grounded, aligned and connected with the source of their resources. This module will also explore principles and practices for mastering the "inner game". Some topic areas include:

Large C and Small  c Coaching
Creating Conditions for Generative Change
Third Generation NLP and Self-Relations: Working with the somatic, cognitive and field minds
The three levels of consciousness: Primitive, Ego, And Generative
The Journey of the Generative Self
Developing the "Inner Game"
Deep Structure and Surface Structure
Ego and Soul
Survival Strategies
Skills of Sponsorship
Grounding, Centering and Aligning Yourself
COACHing Versus CRASHing
Self-Calibration and Self-Scaling Practice for Opening the COACH Channel
Creating a COACHing ContainerTM
Moving from CRASHing to COACHing
Archetypal Energies
Generating New Choices Through Archetypal Energies

Module 2 with Robert Dilts

In Module 2 we will explore the impact of different levels of learning on generative change. Participants will discover some of the factors that limit or prevent generative change and how to transform internal blocks, symptoms and resistances. A key focus will be on the role of beliefs in both enriching and inhibiting generative change. Topics to be covered include:

Levels of Learning and Change
Levels of Support for Learning and Change
Managing Your Energy
Knowing Yourself
Discovering Your Area of Excellence
Identity Level Elicitation Process
Ego and Soul
Exploring Your Vision, Mission and Ambition
The Influence of Holding Environments
Gathering the Resources Necessary to Hold Difficult Feelings
Belief Barriers and Belief Bridges
Transforming Blocked States
Working with Richard Moss' Mandala of BeingTM
Perceptual Positions
The "Meta Mirror" Format
Gabrielle Roth's 5 Rhythms®
Generative NLP Format

Module 3 with Stephen Gilligan

Module 3 will focus on specific skills for helping clients to achieve their goals.  Topics include:
The Five Focuses of Generative Coaching:
The three positive connections: Centering, Positive Intention, and Resources
Using self-scaling to develop and sustain optimal states of being
Installing positive futures
Creative acceptance and transformation of problems
Multiple techniques for centering
The structure and skill of "creative flow" in work and self
Generative intention and generative attention: An unbeatable combination
Integrating Somatic, Cognitive, and Field Minds into Generative Self

Module 4 with Robert Dilts and Stephen Gilligan

Module 4 will cover issues related to growth and evolution at the identity level. We will explore methods and practices for enriching and sustaining generative change and integrating our wounds and "shadows" Participants will learn strategies for mapping and understanding key areas of change in the lives of themselves and their clients and practice tools that help people to successfully navigate time of crisis and transition. Some key topics will include:

Superposition and Shadows
Identification and Our "Idealized Self"
Sponsoring Our Shadows
Reconciling Inner Conflicts
The Identity Matrix
Generating a "Second Skin"
Letting Go of Limiting Beliefs and Stories Through the â "Tetra Lemma"
Developing daily self-care and self-generative practices
The Hero's Journey Applied to Work Life


Duration : 15 days : 3j + 4j + 4j + 4j
Dates : please contact us


Venue : Paris